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The “Big Data”

There’s been a few episodes on the Swiss TV about how all our life is basically registered into servers and then sold to advertising companies. These data collectors such as Google, Facebook and a lot more are making a huge part of their profit by selling these data they collect from us. I never liked all these social networks and all these information people usually put out there as I don’t want people, total strangers to have access to my private life without my own consent. So when I saw these documentaries, I thought I’d write a post about the topic.

Nowadays, it’s normal to put your life on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc… the list could be long. If you don’t do it, you’re the weirdo one. But apart from the fact that I don’t see the point of telling all your “friends” that you had a shower or that you broke up with your boyfriend, putting all these information about yourself on the Net gives others a huge quantity of data they can then use for their own purpose. Your phone gives your location 24/7 (unless you turn the location off), all the browsers (unless you use secure ones) will record your data as of which website you’ve been to, your passwords, credit card numbers and so on. If you’re not careful, literally every single move you do is being loaded into servers. Your profile will then be used and sold to companies that will then spam you with ads. This can be quite annoying, according to me as I don’t like to be pushed for doing something. And on top of this, this feeling of being controlled all the time is not what I expect when I use the Net or my phone. Unless I’m being asked for.

Also, when you put your life on these social networks, it gives a pretty good information for robbers to know exactly that they can break into your house without any trouble as the house is empty if you’re on a holiday and you’re posting all yours pics on the Net.

As for me, my location service is turned off, I am considering to “quit” Facebook although it seems that they keep your data even if they say they delete it and I’m willing to get a bit of knowledge in what’s behind the Net to try to use secure browsers.

I know the world is now ruled with the internet and that virtual data will probably keep growing and become the main one in a few decades (or even before), but I think people should at least be aware of all this so they can have a choice in how they want to share their life with the rest of the world.


Why the “need” of drinking while meeting friends, colleagues?

Why is it that guys “need” to drink to a point that they get drunk when they are meeting together?Asking this question to my partner led to some kind of “agitated” discussion (to put it this way :p ) but looking back, I think it was interesting.

Since almost always I’ve heard people asking me why I don’t drink and how can I have fun without drinking. I thought this would be a question you can hear when you’re in your twenties but I still hear it from people over 35. How can I have fun or enjoy an apero without having a beer? I actually think it’s pretty sad to see that some people are surprised to realize that having a Rivella can also be enough to enjoy an apero. But the fact that I don’t drink is actually not the point of my article here, it is more about trying to understand why people need this beverage to have fun. I’m not saying all the people do, but I would say a majority and I don’t think I would be far from the truth (I am not talking here about people addicted to alcohol as this is another topic according to me).

I can totally understand that a glass of wine can be very nice to have, or that any kind of alcohol can. If you think of it it’s the same as enjoying a Starbucks or a fizzy drink or even food (just to clarify before I get angry reactions from wine lovers, I am not comparing wine to a Starbucks but when you don’t like wine, I’m pretty sure the feeling you get when drinking wine can be the same as someone else drinking or eating anything that is very good taste wise, according to this person). But when you have like several glasses of wine, a few beers and maybe other drinks and you’re in a state where you can’t really think properly, I don’t see how you can enjoy anything you drink or even eat. And that’s what I don’t get. I think part of the explanation seats in the fact that people are not so happy with their lives. I mean truly happy. Drinking helps them forget for a little while their situation. I also think that the effect that alcohol has on the body and mind makes it difficult for someone who likes it to stop after starting to get dizzy. Then, alcohol is now so much in people habits that they don’t even realize that it’s actually not good health wise. And that trying to reduce it to some special events would be a good thing. Alcohol is now associated with partying, having fun. According to me this should change. Enjoying a glass of good wine or a beer can be very nice. But drinking to a point where the person isn’t actually able to enjoy it or isn’t even thirsty, where’s the enjoyment there? My partner was telling me that having a drink while meeting friends goes very well with the event. Ok, but if you meet people, it is supposed to be because you actually want to see the people, not because you want to drink right? It’s probably nice to share the drinks, like it’s nice to share a good dinner. But why then the need of overdoing it and of not being able to stop when the limit is reached? Or when you don’t even actually feel like drinking because you actually don’t need more liquid in your body? These are questions I am not able to answer to and it is one of the behaviors I do not understand.

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