My first Polymer Clay

I’ve always liked tiny little cutie things and while watching videos on YouTube about mini-gardens, I saw this video about how to create the tiny little objects and characters that would accessorize the mini-gardens. That’s how I discover Polymer Clay. It’s just been a few days but I love it so much that I thought I could add it to my blog, just so maybe I could share it with you guys and get maybe some feedback, comment or advice!

Here’s what I’ve been doing so far:

I think I really like all of them, with maybe a little preference for my chameleon which I think will be great as a necklace, especially for summer, the tiny little japanese cat is also really cute according to me as well as the pirate bunny. The chicken and sushi were special order from my boyfriend, my first and best fan 🙂

I had to order material on the web as one of the issue when you live in Switzerland is that the choice for this kind of things is very small and the few things you can find is pretty expensive. So I’m looking forward to receive this order I made on a website in Germany. Fingers crossed, there won’t be any huge customs fees to add to the cost.

So that’s it for this week, have a great beginning of the week!



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