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What about thinking before buying?

I read a post the other day on Facebook. A mother who picked up her daughter after a kids party, saw her coming back with a small bag full of candies and other thingies that she got during the party. The point she made is so true that I wanted to write about it.

The society we live in is based on consuming. The more the consumption, the more the big firms and even other will make money, which in the end, is what our system works with. We talk about eating organic, about reducing waste, about getting back to simple things in life. But shouldn’t this start with the education we give to our children? As an adult I try to always ask myself if I really need something before buying it. I don’t like to buy clothes unless I actually need some, I try not to waste food by not buying too much, paying attention with the electricity etc… I’m not saying I do it perfectly, no one is perfect. But I think if everyone would become even just a little bit more aware and conscious about the fact that this planet we live on isn’t just our property and that we should take care of it, it could get a lot better. And this would be easier if it would start with the education. I have a niece and nephew. I don’t know what to offer them for Christmas or for their birthdays because they basically have everything. The presents will be fun for 10 min and then, they’ll move on to something else. And if no one makes them realize that all these presents are actually objects that have been produced by some people in another country, often in not the best conditions for them, that they are objects that will take decades to be destroyed once they’ll be thrown away because not used anymore… they will just become another part of this society just consuming but not really enjoying. Couldn’t it be possible for them to enjoy a party for what it actually is? A group of kids, playing together, laughing together with no expectation of getting any present. The problem is that to get to this point, it means that parents actually have to be there and have to play with their kids and have to take the time for this. For sure it takes time. But shouldn’t it be obvious and shouldn’t people think about this and ask themselves if they’re ready to have kids before becoming parents? Shouldn’t they teach their kids their values and these values should maybe be rethought by a good part of the people and make an effort to try to go back to simple things in life? For themselves and for their kids?

I am not saying it is an easy thing to do and I think that even if parents want to teach their kids this kind of values, when the children are at school the whole day and tempted by so many things, it is difficult to say no all the time. But maybe by writing and by saying it, some people will want to make some changes. Small ones, depending on each one’s possibilities… but only then can things change 🙂


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